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    License Plate Light CREE LED White No Error BMW E82 E90 F30 E39 E60 F10 E70 F25

    License Plate Light CREE LED White No Error BMW E82 E90 F30 E39 E60 F10 E70 F25

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    License Plate Light CREE LED White No Error BMW E82 E90 F30 E39 E60 F10 E70 F25

    Quick Overview

    • 2 pieces (a pair) of high power CREE SMD LED License Number Plate Light lamp
    • 6000K xenon HID white color temp. light
    • They change your BMW yellowish License Number Plate light bulb to this bright xenon white High Power Light bulb; to match with the latest European look

    Regular Price: $34.95

    Special Price $32.95

    Availability: In stock


    • Specially designed for BMW with No Warning Error codes, bulb-out warning message; No computer reprogramming needed
    • We use Genuine CREE XLamp XP-E LED chip from USA (Certificated); beware of seller selling counterfeit CREE LED bulb
      Cree Inc. is a market-leading innovator of lighting products, LED components, and semiconductor products for power and radio-frequency (RF) applications
    • Emit 6000K xenon White color temp. light, long lasting life
    • Easy installation, Direct replacement with OEM quality and fitment; Plug and Play, quick Instant Start-Up Time
    • Each License Number Plate Light equips 3 pieces CREE XLamp XP-E (5W each) high power LED chip; ~15W, ~800 Lumens, much brighter than any other LED light bulb in the market

    Applications Fitment of this CREE SMD LED xenon White License Number Plate Light lamp:

    BMW (with original halogen bulb type changes to LED type license plate light) OR
    (with stock equipped LED license plate light changes to brighter LED):

    08-12 BMW 1-series E82 / E88

    2014-up BMW 2-series F22, F23, F45

    06-11 BMW 3-series E90 sedan/saloon
    06-11 BMW 3-series E91 touring/estate
    07-12 BMW 3-series E92 coupe
    08-12 BMW 3-series E90 E92 E93 M3
    07-12 BMW 3-series E93 convertible
    11-15 BMW 3-series F30, F35, F80 M3
    11-15 BMW 3-series F31
    13-15 BMW 3-series Gran Turismo F34

    13-15 BMW 4-series F32, F33, F36, F83 M4

    97-03 BMW 5-series E39
    00-03 BMW 5-series E39 M5

    04-10 BMW 5-series E60 sedan/saloon
    06-10 BMW 5-series E61 touring/estate
    06-10 BMW 5-series E60 M5
    10-15 BMW 5-series F10, F10N, F18
    10-15 BMW 5-series F11, F11N

    09-15 BMW X-series E84 X1
    10-15 BMW X-series F25 X3
    14-up BMW X-series F26 X4
    07-12 BMW X-series E70 X5
    13-15 BMW X-series F15 X5
    08-14 BMW X-series E71 / E72 X6
    14-up BMW X-series F16 X6

    Direct Replace BMW Original Manufacturer Part Numbers:


    ***NOTE*** Buyer must make sure your vehicle's license number plate light matches with the above Part Manufacturer Number; we cannot be held responsibility for any items purchased by mistake.

    Additional Information

    SKU L01-406-1
    Application License Plate Light
    Item Condition New
    Interchange Part Number No
    OEM Part Number ---
    Light Color 6000K Xenon White
    Power Output 15W
    Lumen ---
    LED Light 3x CREE XLamp XP-E LED chip each
    LED Lighting OBC No Error Code Message, Canbus Error Free
    Feature ---
    Usage License Number Plate Light kit CREE SMD LED
    Warranty 180 days from received day
    Additional Information ---
    Additional Information 2 ---
    BMW125i2013M Sport Coupe 2-Door
    BMW128i2008-2010, 2012-2013ALL
    BMW128i2008-2011Base Convertible 2-Door
    BMW128i2008-2011Base Coupe 2-Door
    BMW135i2008-2010, 2012-2013ALL
    BMW135i2008-2011Base Convertible 2-Door
    BMW135i2008-2011Base Coupe 2-Door
    BMW135i2009-2010Base Hatchback 2-Door
    BMW135i2009-2010Base Hatchback 4-Door
    BMW228i2014Base Coupe 2-Door
    BMW235i2014Base Coupe 2-Door
    BMW320i2012-2014Base Sedan 4-Door
    BMW320i2013-2014M Sport Sedan 4-Door
    BMW320i2014Luxury Sedan 4-Door
    BMW320i2014Modern Sedan 4-Door
    BMW320i2014Sport Sedan 4-Door
    BMW320i xDrive2013-2014Base Sedan 4-Door
    BMW325i2006Base Sedan 4-Door
    BMW328d2014Base Sedan 4-Door
    BMW328d xDrive2014ALL
    BMW328i2007-2010, 2012-2014ALL
    BMW328i2007-2013Base Convertible 2-Door
    BMW328i2007-2013Base Coupe 2-Door
    BMW328i2007-2014Base Sedan 4-Door
    BMW328i2007-2012Base Wagon 4-Door
    BMW328i2012-2014Luxury Sedan 4-Door
    BMW328i2012-2014Modern Sedan 4-Door
    BMW328i2013-2014M Sport Sedan 4-Door
    BMW328i2013-2014Sport Sedan 4-Door
    BMW328i GT xDrive2014Base Hatchback 4-Door
    BMW328i xDrive2011-2013Base Coupe 2-Door
    BMW328i xDrive2011, 2013-2014Base Sedan 4-Door
    BMW328i xDrive2011-2012, 2014Base Wagon 4-Door
    BMW328i xDrive2012-2014ALL
    BMW330i2006Base Sedan 4-Door
    BMW335d2011Base Sedan 4-Door
    BMW335i2007-2010, 2012-2014ALL
    BMW335i2007-2013Base Convertible 2-Door
    BMW335i2007-2013Base Coupe 2-Door
    BMW335i2007-2014Base Sedan 4-Door
    BMW335i2008-2010, 2012-2014M Sport Sedan 4-Door
    BMW335i2014Luxury Sedan 4-Door
    BMW335i2014Modern Sedan 4-Door
    BMW335i2014Sport Sedan 4-Door
    BMW335i GT xDrive2014Base Hatchback 4-Door
    BMW335i xDrive2011-2013Base Coupe 2-Door
    BMW335i xDrive2011, 2013-2014Base Sedan 4-Door
    BMW335i xDrive2013ALL
    BMW335is2011-2013Base Convertible 2-Door
    BMW335is2011-2013Base Coupe 2-Door
    BMW428i xDrive2014Base Coupe 2-Door
    BMW435i xDrive2014Base Coupe 2-Door
    BMW520i2014Top Sedan 4-Door
    BMW525i1995, 2001-2007ALL
    BMW525i1995, 2001-2007Base Sedan 4-Door
    BMW525i1995, 2001-2003Base Wagon 4-Door
    BMW525xi2007Base Sedan 4-Door
    BMW528i1997-2000, 2008-2010, 2014ALL
    BMW528i1997-2000, 2008-2014Base Sedan 4-Door
    BMW528i1999-2000Base Wagon 4-Door
    BMW528i2014Luxury Sedan 4-Door
    BMW528i2014M Sport Sedan 4-Door
    BMW528i xDrive2012-2014Base Sedan 4-Door
    BMW530i1995, 2001-2007, 2013ALL
    BMW530i1995, 2001-2007Base Sedan 4-Door
    BMW530i1995Base Wagon 4-Door
    BMW530xi2007Base Sedan 4-Door
    BMW530xi2007Base Wagon 4-Door
    BMW535d2014Base Sedan 4-Door
    BMW535d xDrive2014Base Sedan 4-Door
    BMW535i2008-2010, 2012, 2014ALL
    BMW535i2008-2014Base Sedan 4-Door
    BMW535i2009-2010Base Wagon 4-Door
    BMW535i2010, 2012, 2014Gran Turismo Hatchback 4-Door
    BMW535i2014Luxury Sedan 4-Door
    BMW535i2014M Sport Sedan 4-Door
    BMW535i GT2011-2014Base Hatchback 4-Door
    BMW535i GT xDrive2011-2014Base Hatchback 4-Door
    BMW535i xDrive2011-2014Base Sedan 4-Door
    BMW540i1995, 1997-2003ALL
    BMW540i1995, 1997-2003Base Sedan 4-Door
    BMW540i1999-2003Base Wagon 4-Door
    BMW550i2007-2010, 2014ALL
    BMW550i2007-2014Base Sedan 4-Door
    BMW550i2007-2009Formula 1 Sedan 4-Door
    BMW550i2007-2009Top Sedan 4-Door
    BMW550i2010Active Dynamic Sedan 4-Door
    BMW550i2014Luxury Sedan 4-Door
    BMW550i2014M Sport Sedan 4-Door
    BMW550i GT2011-2014Base Hatchback 4-Door
    BMW550i GT xDrive2011-2014Base Hatchback 4-Door
    BMW550i xDrive2011-2014Base Sedan 4-Door
    BMWActiveHybrid 32013-2014Base Sedan 4-Door
    BMWActiveHybrid 52013Base Sedan 4-Door
    BMWActiveHybrid 52014ALL
    BMWM235i2014Base Coupe 2-Door
    BMWM32008-2010, 2012-2013ALL
    BMWM32008-2011Base Convertible 2-Door
    BMWM32008-2011Base Coupe 2-Door
    BMWM32008-2011Base Sedan 4-Door
    BMWM52001-2003, 2007-2010ALL
    BMWM52001-2003, 2007-2010, 2013-2014Base Sedan 4-Door
    BMWM62008Base Convertible 2-Door
    BMWM62008Base Coupe 2-Door
    BMWX320082.5si Sport Utility 4-Door
    BMWX320083.0i Sport Utility 4-Door
    BMWX320083.0si Sport Utility 4-Door
    BMWX52007-2010, 2012-2014ALL
    BMWX52007-20093.0si Sport Utility 4-Door
    BMWX52007-20094.8i Premium Sport Utility 4-Door
    BMWX52007-20084.8i Sport Utility 4-Door
    BMWX52009-2010xDrive30i M Sport Sport Utility 4-Door
    BMWX52009-2010xDrive30i Sport Utility 4-Door
    BMWX52009-2011xDrive35d Sport Utility 4-Door
    BMWX52009-2010xDrive48i M Sport Sport Utility 4-Door
    BMWX52009-2010xDrive48i Sport Utility 4-Door
    BMWX52010-2011M Sport Utility 4-Door
    BMWX52011xDrive35i Sport Utility 4-Door
    BMWX52011xDrive50i Sport Utility 4-Door
    BMWX62008-2010, 2012, 2014ALL
    BMWX62008-2011xDrive35i Sport Utility 4-Door
    BMWX62008-2011xDrive50i Sport Utility 4-Door
    BMWX62009-2010xDrive35iA Sport Utility 4-Door
    BMWX62009-2010xDrive50iA Sport Utility 4-Door
    BMWX62010-2011ActiveHybrid Sport Utility 4-Door
    BMWX62010-2011, 2013M Sport Utility 4-Door